Nemozena’a first capsule collection is the Gallery collection, released in January 2017. This collection merges together the main concepts that are important for the brand, namely art, high quality fabrics, Italian craftsmanship and timeless designs. The highlights of this collection are without doubt the floral prints used on skirts, top and dresses. The prints are inspired by real paintings produced exclusively for Nemozena for this art inspired collection. Clerici Tessuto, one of the most important textiles manufacturers in the world for the luxury sector, are behind the 12 months work that translated the paintings into beautifully and delicate printed fabrics.

The printed fabric has been produced in a small number of meters to make the Gallery Collection a Limited edition affair.

Clerici Tessuto was founded in 1923 by Rachele Clerici and her husband Alessandro Tessuto as a company for trading in silk fabrics, the company is now in its fourth generation. The old works has now been converted into an impressive 10.000 m2 industrial complex that houses all the functions of the company and the entire manufacturing process, from creation to completion of high quality fabrics and accessories. The company now owns a complete small scale textiles production chain: weaving and warping, dye works and printing, which employs more than 300 employees, covering the entire finishing cycle of silk and other natural fibers. Over the years, Clerici Tessuto group has successfully combined traditional craftsmanship and the excellence of Como silk, currently represented by the classic collection, chiné fabrics and cut voided velvet, with research and innovation in the yarns and weaving, warping and printing techniques, in order to respond to the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.