Inspired by art and heritage, Nemozena derives from the name of the ancient Greek goddess, Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne was referred to as “the mother of muses” as she had 9 daughters who were the inspirational goddesses of literature, science and arts. Her daughters were described as having, “one mind with their hearts set upon song and their spirit free from care.”

Mnemosyne was considered one of the most powerful and philosophical goddess of her time and was named the goddess of memory because of her unparalleled power over remembrance and recollection. The memory of Mnemosyne was of utmost importance, as it was the memory of the rules and energies of the universe, the cycle of life and how to live in the world. It was critical for the well being of society as they solely relied on the lessons passed on in an oral history.

She was such a prominent Goddess, that the river in the underworld, Hades was named after her. Mnemosyne river flowed parallel to the river of forgetfulness, Lethe. Those who tasted water from Mnemosyne were able to reconnect with their past and regain their forgotten memories.

Authentic and elegant, Nemozena is deeply inspired by the power of of the past on our present life and what we can learn from our common heritage. Each piece in the Nemozena collections stir strong emotions and ignites the radiant, feminine Goddess within.