Inspired by the classic roots of culture and antique beauty, Nemozena sees fashion as a tool to connect with our inner world of creativity and mindfulness. Represented by a lyre, the brand aims to resonate with one’s personal identity and speak to the passions within them.

An integral part of the Greek education, the lyre is among the most ancient instruments, played by different societies in the world. Draw a common language from a communal past that knows no boundaries and let the lyre play as an expression for this global language.

Nemozena originated from the Greek name Mnemosyne which was the Goddess of memory. A piece of art, each piece in the collection is carefully designed and conveys a unique story. It intends to empower women and bring positivity within mind and soul. In between the lines, you will find ease and comfort to be yourself, this is where you connect with Nemozena. This is where you are inspired by the Goddess within you and you feel confident to be yourself.

Nemozena’s collections beautifully blend the history and fashion of East and West and incorporate elements of their rich heritage and culture. With this where we initiate the message to look into the beauty and similarities within different cultures and traditions and share them with the world.

Illustrating real panache and emotions, the first collection is available for women with substance and style, across Europe and the GCC through