On 15th January 2017, Nemozena revealed their Gallery Collection in a private event for Magazine Editors, VIP guests and social media influencers. The event was in the Centre of Milan in occasion of Men’s Milan Fashion Week.

Designed in the United Arab Emirates and manufactured in Italy, Nemozena brings together a heritage of exchange and dialogue and believes we can promote a gentle revolution by a conscious use of resources, by valuing history and by adopting a wiser approach to fashion. This project is focused on the valorization of the Made in Italy craftsmanship, its experience and creativity.

Admired and loved by everyone present at the presentation, the first Nemozena collection showcased a careful selection of high-end pieces that have been cut to flatter the figure and enrich with artisanal details. The Gallery collection is the result of over one year of research for the best textile printing techniques carried out by Clerici Tessuto in Como, Italy. The models walked around in collection ensembles promoting their key printed pieces Hortensias, Bouquet and Forget Me Not.

Italian influencers and Instagrammers, Michela Meni, Barbara Snellenburg, Elisa Tivati, Roberta Ruiu and Sara Rossetto donned in the beautiful pieces and shared their effortlessly elegant looks across their social media.

This luxury international fashion project targets exclusively the online customers with seasonless capsule collections released throughout the year.