Fashion is in love with art like never before. This is hardly surprising, after all what is fashion if not wearable art. If we dig up the history of this relationship, we find Elsa Schiaparelli, one of the most imaginative and prominent fashion figures working between the two world wars. The genius of Salvador Dalí inspired some of her best-known works. It could only have been the meeting of such minds that would create pieces such as the 1937 Lobster dress. Another early example of the fashion-art crossover stemmed from the bold geometry of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, whose “neoplasticism” style was itself informed by cubism. In the 1930s, Hermès designer Lola Prusac looked to Mondrian’s famous works, featuring white backgrounds, grids of thick black lines and blocks of primary colours for inspiration, producing a range of luggage and bags with square inlays of red, yellow and blue leather. Legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent enjoyed one of his most important successes when, in 1965, he unveiled his Fall Mondrian Collection. Although other designers had previously experimented with a similar design, it was Saint Lauren’s six A-line cocktail dresses that really captured the public’s imagination and broke new ground for the future role of art in fashion.

The Nemozena take on the topic involves stunning flower prints featured on the garments from our Gallery collection. Here, real paintings created exclusively for the brand, have been transferred on the best quality Italian silk and cotton and printed with an accurate process that lasted months before reaching the proper deep tones and vivid surfaces. Paintings were not only used to create the printed textiles, they have also been adapted to each model in order to convey the best dimension and proportion to flatter both the body and the dress design. Brush strokes are hence the inspiration of the collection as a whole, a fluid, delicate, fresh, feminine and timeless essay. The Gallery collection garments are produced in small numbers so they become Limited Edition and exclusive pieces, just like real artworks for your wardrobe.

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